4 Feature Rich Homes: Scandi Decor Inspiration

4 Feature Rich Homes: Scandi Decor Inspiration – Many of us have come to know and adore the Scandinavian minimalistic aesthetic. The fresh white washed walls and stripped back floors. Although much of the Scandi palette is on the stark side, we can often find little gems of unexpected color splashed here and there, just enough to excite the eye within a laid back setting. With quirky accent furniture, stylish lighting and unusual accessories to draw the eye around each room in unexpected moments of interest. Here are 4 homes that offer this type of scintillating Scandinavian space, littered with little nuggets of interest, making this post the perfect place to pause for Scandi decor inspiration.

4 Feature Rich Homes: Scandi Decor Inspiration

scandi decor inspiration
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 1

Our first glimpse of this Scandinavian living space shows us this is not just a stark blank decor scheme. A rich blue arcing ceiling draws attention up, showing off the tall height of the room. A fine lined light fixture catches the eye just enough without battling for attention against the statement rafters. Rich color is echoed around the lower perimeter of the room to balance out the levels. Lush green indoor house plants contrast against the deep hue, whilst two fluffy stools on castors look more like household pets than a standard choice in seating!


scandinavian decor
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 2

The dining chairs and internal window frames match the black fineline style of the living area ceiling light.


flatware glasses
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 3

This Scandinavian table setting uses plain white flatware decorated with leaves from the table centerpieces. Chic wine glasses complete the look.


dining room pendant lights
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 4

Three chunky metal dining room pendant lights mark out the dining area. They are the Caravaggio lights by designer Cecilie Manz.


door handles
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 5

The devil is in the detail. Even the door handles match the other black accents found around this Scandinavian home.


husk chair
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 6

White washed floors only seem to get better with age, added bumps and scrapes.


white washed floor
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 7

The Husk chair, by Patricia Urquiola, is perfectly accompanied by the mid century modern single arm floor lamp, a Serge Mouille.


white kitchen units 1
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 8

Stark white units work perfectly in a Scandinavian style kitchen setting.


decorative vase
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 9

The countertops are kept relatively clear, only the odd plant and decorative vase adorn the prep area. This one is the Willmann Vase by Menu.


scandinavian bedroom decor
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 10

The black wirework found in the accents of the lounge and dining areas of the home are carried through into the contemporary bedroom area in the form of a unique modern feature wall design. The mesh pattern leads down behind the headboard that spans the width of the room. Each bedside table is lit by wall-mounted exposed bulb style wall sconces.


white duvet set
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 11

A plain white duvet set has the added interest of button detailing on the pillow cases.


stylish desk chair 1
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 12

The rich tan color of this stylish desk chair heats up the color scheme in this home office, and matches the warm wood tone panel on the front of the work desk.


contemporary toilet
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 13

In the contemporary bathroom the bold wood tone continues along with the deep blue from the living areas.


scandinavian living room
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 14

In our second home tour, a stunning traditional Scandinavian fireplace is the clear crowned star of the show and yet each piece in the living area still manages to have a moment in the spotlight. A quirky arrangement of pendant lights adorn the ceiling whilst quirky furniture and accessories create an inviting place to come sit and socialize.


modern rocking chair
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 15

The White Eames RAR Rocking chair sails between white wood floor and pale gray pattern rug. Copper accents have been chosen to compliment the shining copper doors over on the furnace.


eames bird replica
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 16

The Eames Bird Replica perches upon a modern white coffee table with hidden storage–perfect for stashing away messy magazines when guests come over. A set of two round mirrors above a console table tie in with the circular shape of the coffee table, and the color of a black leather armchair. A gray scatter cushion adds a spot of comfort to the Eames rocker and continues the theme of gray pattern in the soft furnishings.


interior double doors
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 17

Architecturally the home is simple, though these internal double doors through to the bedroom do add a subtle sense of grandeur.


white bedrrom scheme
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 18

This contemporary bedroom scheme also houses a home office area. The wooden desk is paired with one of two modern chairs in this space that bring an unexpected pop of purple.


bedroom pendant shade
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 19

A large bedroom pendant is suspended directly over center of the bed.


scandi living room design
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 20

The third Scandinavian home is a cozy space with gorgeous natural wood and copper accent pieces.


wooden pendant lights
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 21

A trio of large wooden light shades create an unusual visual effect.

A Swiss Cheese Plant is given pride of place in the centre of the room, elevated on a plant stand.


copper planter
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 23

A striped rug elongates the look of the room.


modern easy chair
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 2

A fur throw softens a leather chair.

The color of the Hansen Ox Chair and ottoman look warm and inviting against the cool white decor of the room. The comfortable reading chair is accessorized with a table of decorative vases.


copper light shades
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 26

Two copper pendants suspended over a freestanding bathtub create a lavish look in the bathroom.


dining room pendant lights 1
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 27

In the fourth space we see a wider usage of black, though the dining room pendant lights are white Aim Multi-point LED lights.
Dominating the ceiling is a striking living room light, a Tom Dixon style Stout Black Pendant.


The mid century modern style console table lifts the scheme with a surprising flash of blue. Contrasting coffee tables form the centerpiece of the room.


eames armchairs
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 30

The Scandinavian style chairs used here in the dining room are a collection of six Eames armchairs.


scandinavian home style
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 31

The hearth is decorated with plants, candles and a typographic print.


scandi home office
Scandinavian Decor Inspiration 32

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