Bathroom Design Remodeling

Bathroom Design Remodeling – Bathroom Design is such an important factor in remodeling your bathroom not only from an aesthetics point, but the cost involved in remodeling a bathroom prohibits a regular renovating; so get it right the first time and you will have a Bathroom Design that lasts the distance.

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Luxurious bathroom design
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Minimalist bathroom design

There are so many aspects to consider with Bathroom Design, you can of course seek professional help but you can also do it yourself.  Don’t forget that you can create your own design and then take it to a professional for their opinion.

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Bathroom design ideas
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Bathroom design inspiration

If your bathroom is large, then I am very envious, but as most are small, here are some ideas to assist you in Bathroom Design to help make your bathroom appear larger.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Mirrors will add light and reflection into a room and that can make a small bathroom larger.  However, don’t use too many, often one oversized mirror above the basin will look great and create enough light and reflection.

Clear frameless shower screens will inhibit any visual barriers in the room, and therefore allow the eye to move freely across the bathroom.

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Simplicity bathroom design
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Vintage bathroom design

Don’t just light the middle of the room as dark corners can create smaller rooms.  Illuminate the corners with spotlights on shelves or over basins.

Always remember – large tiles, larger sense of space and small tiles, smaller sense of space.  And, of course, light colored tile create a perception of large space, and dark colored tiles can make a space appear smaller. This applies to wall tiles and floor tiles.

bathroom design
Small bathroom design
bathroom design
Small modern bathroom ideas

The most floor space that can be seen, the greater the room will appear, so purchase bathroom furniture on legs, or basins and toilets that are attached to the wall.  If you want a vintage style bathroom design, then why not consider a claw foot bath?

A sliding door will allow so much more room in the bathroom, especially when the door is open, so think about that if it is a possibility.

Water Saving and the Environment

With a new Bathroom Design you really need to consider water consumption. With water being a resource that is fast becoming so precious, why not consider installing water saving fixtures when creating your Bathroom Design. Did you know that bathrooms use around 30% of household water?  It really is something that you should think about.

bathroom design
Small bathroom ideas
bathroom design
Contemporary bathroom design

One way to easily save water is to look for ‘Watersense’ label when you are shopping for your bathroom faucets.  If everyone in the US used Watersense faucets then water utility companies would be done $350 million – yes that’s right there would be a saving on water utility bills annually of $350 million.   Makes you think differently about faucets doesn’t it?

Take the time and consider your Bathroom Design, not only will your bathroom look amazing, you will feel fulfilled and proud.

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