Bed Mattress Design Ideas

Bed Mattress Design Ideas – An uncomfortable or old unsupportive Bed Mattress can not only cause a bad night sleep it can also cause serious health complaints such as a chronic back pain, believe me I know.

bed mattress design
Monocrome bed mattress design
bed mattress design
Luxuryous bed mattress design

Many health experts say that you should purchase a new bed mattress every 8-10 years whether you feel it is necessary or not. When you consider that you spend about one third of your life in bed, it is important to have a bed that offers medium to firm support, is structurally sound and provides a good nights sleep.

Below are some points to consider when choosing a Bed Mattress: How do you tell when you need a new mattress?  Your body will often tell you that. If you are waking up with pains and aches with no real reason for it, then perhaps your body and muscles aren’t getting the needed support while you are sleeping.

bed mattress design
Minimalist bed mattress design
bed mattress design
White bedmattress design

Latex Bed Mattress: Being a natural product (made from the rubber tree) it is anti-dust mite, anti bacterial and hypo-allergenic, and should be considered if or have a asthma or any respiratory illness, eczema or the like. A great option for children’s bunk beds or crib mattresses.

Replacing the base when you purchase a new Bed Mattress?  The bed base acts as a shock absorber, and takes more wear and tear than you most likely realize, so a good base is as important as a mattress. So if your base is as old as your mattress, you may want to consider replacing it as well. Remember to put castors under the bed legs as you don’t want your lovely hardwood floors scratched from the movement of the bed.

bed mattress design
Simplicity bed mattress design
bed mattress design
Bed mattress design

Turn your mattress regularly and it will increase the life of it.  You will need to turn it over to the other side and also top and tail it.   This should be done several times a year, and it will not only assist in prolonging the life of your mattress, but provide continued support for your body.  Remember though, a mattress is a heavy object, do not try and turn or rotate it yourself, always engage another person to assist.  One more thing on turning mattresses – do not use the mattress handles to support the mattress, they are actually made to help move the mattress once lying flat on the bed, not to carry the mattress.

Do not bend or fold your mattress, it is an expensive investment and should be treated with the same respect you treat your other furniture. To assist in keeping your mattress clean, always use a mattress protector that is washable.   To clean the mattress, vacuum it regularly, but on a low suction. Why not give it a vacuum weekly when you are If are any unfortunately spills or stains appear on your mattress, treat them as soon as possible.  Use a lukewarm mild detergent to gently clean the stain, do not use a brush of any type.  If concerned about water marks after washing, then test on an inconspicuous part of the mattress first.  Try not to saturate the mattress, and dry away from direct heat.

bed mattress design
Modern bed mattress design
bed mattress design
Contemporary bed mattress design

Approximate sizes of mattresses:

  • Single  92 x 188 mm  OR  3′ x 6’2″
  • Long Single  92 x 204 mm  OR  3′ x 6’8″
  • King Single  107 x 204 mm OR  3’6″ x 6’8″
  • Double  138 x 188 mm OR  4’6″ x 6’2″
  • Queen  153 x 204 mm  OR  5′ x 6’8″
  • King  183 x 204 mm  OR  6′ x 6’8″

    bed mattress design
    Unique bed mattress design

I hope the above is of some assistance to you in your research and purchase of a Bed Mattress.

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